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Gravi 'The Gravity Earthbound Pony' by VISION-KING Gravi 'The Gravity Earthbound Pony' by VISION-KING

Here’s a surprise for many, a new OC Pony that I’ve found inspired and interested in making that revolves around a series; Digimon Xros Wars, staring the character: Gravimon. Yep, for many that wondered what he could look like, it was something I almost believed impossible, but now I’ve made something new. And for many that will be surprise to learn this, this character will have an element to represent himself; The Element Of Gravity. And after all, both the OC & the character fro mthe Digimon series both have their name and power similar to gravity, so it should make for an interesting. And who knows, he may even appear in JusSonic’s future MLP: FIM fan make stories. And this makes him the fourth Death General from Digimon Xros Wars I’ve come into making like with Oleg (Olegmon), Splash (Splashmon) & Zamiel (Zamielmon). This character was made by me using Neros Urameshi's Pony Creator which is owned by [link]


Name: Gravi ‘The Gravity Earthbound Pony’

Appearance: A very tall mostly thin unicorn stallion with white/gray fur coat. His mane is long & irregular in style, as is his long tail that are basically darken & light black/gray color. His left ear is chip a bit, and he has a tan bare mark on his mouth. The only things wore around him are gray specs tied around his head. His eyes are never seen, hidden behind what some say his specs are a mask. Then he wears just a dark tan gray lightly built armor piece in front of his chest and wears black gray bands around his legs & hooves. On his flank seems to be a round gray-turquoise sphere with an orb rotating around it, representing like a gravity movement as his Cutie Mark.

Personality: Gravi is a tactical genius, able to see through his opponents strategies & surreptitiously. He enjoys stimulating tactics, he uses the battlefield as his testing ground. He is an investigative stallion which continues to zealously research questions like, how many casualties can be produced easily, which tactics lets him listen to a multitude of enemy wails, what creative scheme will surprise the enemy as they perish, which method will cause all of the opponents to be finish off without shedding their insides around, & so on. He seem to enjoy doing such acts for a while, but when he came across the Mane Six & taught him to be more respectful of himself & his allies, and not just always think so much (Twilight especially saw he was using his head too much & not enough with his heart). So he became more of a calm, acknowledge, more reasonable type pony while sometimes showing his old side, but with a little improvement.


SKILLS: He is a unicorn, so his field is around using magic & such to defend himself. And his mind is also the key to performing tactics to win battles. And his skills in controlling the gravity around him, others & objects, can give him flight or levitation off the ground, simulate extreme strength & agility by making things earlier to lift & carry.

-Tactical Analysis: The ability to be an extremely skilled strategic genius & apply this skill for several objectives. As a user, he can create strategies & plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like he can see into the future. As a user, he is able to elaborate complex plans & strategies & apply them in not just in battle but any other activity that involves cunning intellect.E.g Strategic games. This ability are very analytical and can understand or anticipate the enemies moves. The applications are seen of strategic planners being masters of psychological intuition & are very charismatic, some are very skilled deceiving masters. Can adapt to any situation & be prepared for any eventual situation. Tend to plan even the smallest details, possess armies of loyal followers, and is, most of the time, two steps ahead of a certain situation. The limitations maybe vulnerable against Unpredictability. And may be corrupted or overwhelmed by his own intelligence, making him be arrogant or underestimate the opponent.

-Gravity Manipulation: The ability to manipulate gravity. As a suer, he can create, shape & manipulate gravitons, a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other, and gravitons, hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation. He can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, causing objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the planet (“nexus inducing”), flattening objects, and generating miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. He can attract matter & energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis. Offensive uses of this power include repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one’s body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength. Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force-field to attract all manner of attacks away from him, or anchoring oneself to the ground.

-Gravity Generation: The ability to generate gravitational fields. As a user, he’s able to generate gravity in the area around him. Which could have crushing affects on all in the area where gravity is generated.

-Gravity Armor: The ability to create armor around his body from gravity. As a user, he can form armor around his body or shape it from gravity for protection & physical boost. From training, he can shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even contracts of the element. Note: It’s said he used this power to contract his armor he wears now.

-Gravity Bomb Generation: The ability to generate explosives with a high amount of gravitation. As a user, he is able to create explosives that are infused with gravitons. The effects can be controlled by him, from increased gravity, reduced gravity, or even a complete reversal of gravity for everything in the explosion radius. These explosions can usually be thrown or projected. The applications can be done from pin down enemies for capture with increased gravity, reduce gravity in an area to remove cover, hurl enemies into the sky by reversing the properties of the explosives, and from training, singularities could be made for an instant.

-Gravity Ball Projection: The ability to project spheres of condensed gravitons. As a user, he can project spheres of gravitons that when it comes into contact, releases a field of increased gravity, reduced gravity, or just hit the target with the force of a cannonball depending on the size of the gravity ball.

-Gravity Beam Emission: The ability to create & project beams of gravity. As a user, he can project beams of gravity capable of repelling objects, opponents, & attacks. He can also attract enemies to the beam, bringing them closer for gravity-infused impact. He can also create gravity beams that are capable of pulverizing large areas with destructive concussive force.

-Gravitation Adaption: The power to adapt to graviton pressure. As a user, he can be adapted & able act normally in both high, low or no gravity without the normal effects caused by the high gravity or weightlessness on body, both instantaneous &/or short/long term. The limitation however, seems that it doesn’t work against Black Hole Creation.

-Gyrokinetic Combat: The ability to utilize gravity manipulation in physical combat. As a user, he is able to utilize gravity manipulation with his physical combat, reducing or increasing the effective weight for his advantage (increasing the weight of the opponent or their weapon, decreasing their own) or chancing the direction of gravity.

-Gravitational Downforce: The ability to generate a crushing downforce of gravity. The user can drastically increase the gravity in a given area, making moving or even standing difficult for anyone in it, possibly causing damage to the targeted area/targets, prompting the ground to crack and cave in, crushing the targets.

-Weight Manipulation: The power to manipulate weight of anything & everything. As a user, he can manipulate the weight of anything to make it very light & easy to move or very heavy & impossible to move. He can make the object so heavy it can break through almost anything or so light it can just float away.

-Elasticity: The ability to stretch, deform, expand, or contract one’s body into any form imaginable. As a user, he can become extremely malleable & elastic, allowing him to stretch, flatten, deform, expand, & contract his whole body, including limbs, torso, neck, etc. He is extremely hard to wound or hurt due to his body reflexively absorbing damage by stretching with attacks, but he may still feel pain.

*Limb Expansion: The ability to grow one’s limbs independently of one’s own body. As a user, he’s capable of expanding his limbs to great sizes, allowing for increased reach & damage.

*Limb Extension: The ability to stretch one’s limbs in dependently of one’s own body. As a user, he is capable of stretching his limbs to great lengths. This ability allows him to extend his limbs to far away areas to strike opponents a distance & defeat long-range attackers.

-Cellular Regeneration: The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury. As a user, he can rapidly regenerate, in other words, he can recreate lost or damage tissues, organs & limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely around an advance level for rapid regeneration. He is generally in very good physical shape as his body is constantly reverting to heathy state. The only limitations are instantly lethal attacks are likely un-recoverable. And the brain cells can be repaired, but if the cerebral cortex (where information, memories, awareness & consciousness are processed) is damaged, unless reached at master-level, complex issues may arise: as long as the cerebral cortex (or ‘Core’) remains unharmed, he is practically immortal, being able to regenerate pretty much from that one portion alone.

*Reforming: The ability to rebuild oneself after being destroyed. As a user, he will automatically reform upon destruction of the body, completely restoring his body to it’s former state & reconstructing eery piece of his body that was out of place.


Techniques: After gaining the power of being the Element User of Gravity, Gravi has develop skills of being lightweight & increasing gravity around his opponents. And combine them with himself being stretching of himself & having regenerating abilities makes him a very hard opponent indeed. (Think of Gravity Attacks from Gravimon, Golbez & Brago)

-Gravity Push: The user thrusts one or both of their hooves, palm facing forward, at their opponent, propelling them quickly away from their person with amplified gravity.

-Gravity Grasp: Gesturing with one hoof, the user lifts their opponent into the air by decreasing the amount of gravity on them. Having done this, the caster then increases the gravity around the target, inflicting excruciating pain unto them.

-Gravity Hold: Gravi increases the gravity of all enemies on sight to 20G, damaging them, then reverses the gravity, sending enemies that are defeated flying upward. This move is very useful for clearing weak enemies on the field if there are many at once present.

-Gravity Force: Fires a ball of dark energy, then teleports. If the opponent is close to Gravi, he’ll appear behind the victim and shoot a second magical energy ball that knocks them towards the larger ball. If the opponent is far away from Gravi, he’ll appear next to the victim and knocks them towards the ball with his hoof.

-Gravity System: Gravi flings his hoof downwards and summon three nodes that fire a laser upward. If the opponent is hit by the laser, he’ll fire a dark projectile to either begin chase or cause an explosion that knocks the opponent back.

-Gravity Orb: It creates a small purple & black gravitational well (like a spiraling sphere) that fires from his hoof.

-Gravirei: It creates a small gravitational field that forces the opponent’s body to the ground, immobilizing them and preventing them from counterattacking.

-Gravity Pull: A small sphere is released with a massive gravitational pull, dragging everything to it within a large radius.

-Gravity Canceler: With this spell, Gravi waves his hoof, creating a gravitational force that crushes attack spells when coming in contract while also destroying the nearby area it with intense gravity.

-Gigano Orb: An enhanced version of Gravity Orb, it creates a large, purple & gravitational well (spiraling sphere) that fires from his hooves.


Strongest Techniques: Gravi uses these moves to truly out power and defeat his foes to which some may not come out of it alive. Some are even as more dangerous as the next.

-Ion Gravirei: An enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a powerful gravitational field in the form of a beam, capable of effortlessly leveling trees to the ground. Gravi can control this attack with his front hoof, spreading the field around him wherever he moves it.

-Beam Gravidon: An enhanced version of Gigano Orb, it creates a massive, purple & black gravitational well (spiraling sphere) with multicolor beams swirling around it that fires from his hooves.

-Ground Gravidon: An enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a massive gravitational field around a fixed area, capable of leveling a multistory building.

-Wide Graviton: An enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a gravitational field with a large range, capable of bringing airborne enemies down to the ground.

-Gravity Atoms: A high level attack spell that holds enough power to destroy a mountain. Gravi creates a large sphere of gravity that slams down on the opponent. From there, the enemy is torn apart by the large swirling spheres of gravity that distort the space inside.

-Core Gravity: It is a double-layered gravitational sphere with an extremely powerful ball of gravity at its core. It draws all surrounding matter in a large radius within itself, crushing nearly all of it.

-Combust Gravity: A upgrade of Core Gravity, and another of Gravi’s most powerful spells. It is a large purple ball that sucks itself up (much like a black hole) shortly after being cast.

-Atmosphere Gravity:
 It is the strongest form of Gravirei, tall enough to level a skyscraper, and wide enough to level a palace.

-Gravity Fall: An advance version of Gravity Hold. The user spreads both front hooves, each hoof being splayed apart. Having done this, the gravity of the intended location is then increased around the area, disabling any foes within. This causes great damage to the targeted place, prompting the ground to crack and cave in, and makes it difficult for anyone within it aside from Gravi to move or even stand. Most individuals get smashed to the ground and held there by the force of such spell, even powerful, physically strong warriors like Ben, Golden Heart & Pinkamena. Only very few shown capable to stand & fight almost normal while under this effect are rare to be seen. This particular spell can also be used to cancel out other Magics, nullifying them by sending them down to the ground, and even powerful type of spells others would know, such like the Unicorn Burst, would be dispel.

-Black Hole Bomb: Gravi creates a massive size black hole sphere of dark black center with dark blue & purple outer lining that appears like a dome. This move once unleashed, pulls nearby enemies & enemy fire to it. It is also controlled by Gravi to move it by his will, and then open (detonate) up. This is a scary form of gravity power that absorbs any sized foe, regardless of if they’re invulnerable to magical blast or have shields or barriers. If there are enemies too large to be sucked in will take damage instead. Once it’s finished will implode in a giant explosion to which shall cause massive damage to the area and even leave a crater, even giants would suffer from such a horrible beating. Noted Fact: This attack generates its own gravitational field, drawing in everything around itself, and also appears to increase in strength and size after a short period of time.

-Octa Gravity: He summons forth eight red-wire tentacles hidden in his chest armor to manipulate the gravity on the battlefield, controlling the opponent’s gravity based on the flow of the battle & making them lighter or heavier.

-High Gravity Pressure: Elastically extends both of his front hooves & burdens the opponent with intense gravity pressure, compressing them to their limit.

-Gravity Bang: Places Equestria’s gravity pressure upon himself until he reaches his limit, then detonates the entirety of his magical energy all at once in a phantasmal bold move. This forbidden self-destruction technique has enough destructive power to partially destroy a star, but might obliterate Gravi himself. Although he can regenerate if he waits for many long years, even Gravi doesn’t know how long he will suffer for until he regenerates.



Gravity Manipulative Armor: A lightly built armor which also includes his eight red-wire tentacles which can act as cannons or manipulators. It’s mostly for his defense and being lightweight to allow him speed.


Bio: Long ago, a colt by the name of Gravi was not a strong pony, he was flimsy, weak, and all he could do was use his brain to figure out things that not even the strong types could do. Then one day, an unnatural moment happened that the ground began to break apart, and the region began to rise from the planet as if being lifted. Gravi was stuck in one of those places that he discovered a vast army of strong beast heading in the direction of what was causing the whole thing. A strange magical sphere like a small planet was seen coming out of the planet and disrupting the area’s gravity in an uncontrolled rate. Many animals & beast yelp from the power that made them too heavy to move or too light to float off uncontrollably. But Gravi stood over a piece of land, but it split while he was above the sphere, and soon it swallowed him whole, but then it disrupted to the point where it felt like it was stretching the pony’s body & the electrons of his brain were working in a faster rate. Soon the sphere vanished to show Gravi, as he floated in the air by a strange new magical ability, used his new power that reshaped all the rubble back into the ground like a jigsaw puzzle. Once done, Gravi discovered what he could do, and even discovered a Cutie Mark that seem to tell him…he became a user to control gravity, like Princess Luna’s power of the Moon’s gravity, but different. He learn he came across what was a hidden element buried underneath the planet and became the Element User of Gravity. Over the years, he had mastered the power, and his body’s new developed stretchy abilities to even be amazed in how much his mind developed that he can formulate plans so complicated, that his tactics were perfect for battles, plus having the ability to regenerate. He earn a nickname as Gravi ‘The Gravity Earthbound Pony’, because of his skills that said for himself in many areas. As he is a tactician who has the ability to freely manipulate gravity, & with that ability, he has the ingenuity to survey the entire situation & control the course of the battle at will. The beauty of his plots are even said to be “ingenuity, as if gushing forth”, so he makes sport of the enemy army by weaving formulaic tactics together with creative schemes. Beast types account for the majority of his army (such as griffins, & etc.), which has overwhelming strength in terms of military power. But he did harbor a different emotion in how he performed his attitude & personality, that may have been some twist part when he gain the element.

Present Bio: But later on, he came across the Mane Six, there events took place in seeing Gravi’s work was almost too much of enjoying it like a sport. Gravi instead thought up an interesting challenge to the Mane Six’s group, if they can defeat him where no other has with something other then brains & brawn, like their strength of friendship, he’ll consider it to change himself. Course the task was a big step, the Mane Six could see that Gravi was very power even near alicorn magic standards, and his use of gravity was very hard to handle (he could be on pair with Tso Lan the Moon Demon?). But from learning that Gravi had something called a ‘Core’ he keeps hidden that’s like his heart, he’ll always regenerate & be invincible. From almost being near defeat, the gang found where Gravi hid his core, but it can move according to his will. And soon a chase happens, but Gravi used such a ploy to trap the heroes and was about to end their game…until Spike managed to catch his core in his claws to squeeze it. That reaction caused Gravi to yelp in pain, as he tried to have his Core escape, but Spike held on tightly until his friends caught him; and at last, had a turn in the tide. Twilight asked Gravi a question, like why would he consider having such an ability, the answer was because his element grant him such, and he needed to be near immortal to use his tactics to win battles, but he never imagine that from one small dragon could change the tide & snatch his Core to now…his life is in his enemies possession. Twilight instead spoke that they won’t finish him, as they let the Core go to say they won Gravi’s challenge, and now….he must be better, and also…learn about compassion & trust with those that are your friends then just using them all for some strategy. Gravi was left shock at such boldness & determination, and that the strength shown was indeed strong, that he smiled in hearing Twilight’s words to begin considering a change of himself. The Mane Six gang cheered in hearing this, and soon Gravi began to open up little by bit to be less high & mighty in believing to be superior, and accept that having those you can count on, is more then just assembling any army of strength to win battles; when it’s the strength of friendship that makes things a difference in the end.


Well I certainly hope many of you that are Gravimon fans found this OC Pony inspiration of such a character to be unique, and interesting. And believe me, trying to make his appearance with what could be found or what to picture him as seem very tricky. But I’ve managed somehow, and that’s what counts. So send in reviews in what you think of this guy, and who knows, updates may happen in the future. Till then, enjoy what is here.

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